Ernæringsrig, vitaliserende måltid på bare 5 minutter

Have you found yourself working from home lately and want to keep highly nutritious meals in the kitchen that you can make in no time?

Shifting to working from home can help you on some many levels

We all have a pretty good idea of what’s good for our body but it’s not that easy in this modern, fast-paced working world to meet the list. Now you’re at home you have more control!

Here are the common lunchtime options in the workplace:

  • having to plan and shop in advance and then a morning rush to make it
  • being reliant on the local sandwich shop
  • getting what you can, when you can when you’re on the road
  • having the luxury of a cantine but finding yourself overeating!
  • wanting to be healthier but you don’t have access to a kitchen for your blender and ingredients.

Nutrition is what keeps us feeling vital, energised and in shape. It effects everything from our motivation and outlook, our ability to like what we see in the mirror… to our moods. However, it’s usually convenience and ease that is key to having it all.

A Solution You’ll love

Nutritious – Tasty – Easy – Quick – 5 minutes in the kitchen!

Herbalife’s protein shakes and supplements means you won’t miss out on everything your body and mind needs to keep you feeling good. Working from home, you have a blender handy. You have the convenience of the freezer with any bags of fruit you might want to keep blending different shakes.  You don’t have to spend time thinking, “What am I going to eat tomorrow?“; you’ve got everything you need for as long as you want!

Tendency to skip mealtimes? Is working from home throwing your routine out the window?

Perhaps you’re one of those mothers whose always making sure everyone else’s needs are taken care of and there’s little time left to take care of yourself. If you’re now working from home and don’t have set lunchtimes you could be in the habit of skipping meals or just grabbing a slice of ryebread around 15:00 or looking at the clock and thinking “I can’t be bothered. I might as well wait for dinner now!“.

Anbefaling – QuickStart Program

Our QuickStart program includes protein shakemix, supplements and herbaldrink (which is also delicious cold as an ice tea or sportsdrik). Ideal for a delicious, nutritious breakfast and lunch. Our protein shakemix comes in over 10 flavours which you can make endless recipes with (although it’s normal that our customers find one or two they love and stick to them for life!). Hvad er en protein shake?

You might want to keep the products handy for times in the week you feel too busy… or you might like to start using it as an easy way to get rid that clothes size smaller and generally feel more vitalised and energetic?

Or maybe you are looking for a home based business and wants to join our team?


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