Why does any new diet (that has proven to work for others), fail?

For 2 main reasons: it doesn’t fit into your current lifestyle or you lack confidence that it will work for you.

New diet must fit lifestyle and have you feeling confident

Check you believe a diet can work for you AND it can fit into your current lifestyle

A funny story

One day a woman called to say she was frustrated that she just couldn’t lose the weight she wanted and she was interested in Herbalife’s products. After a conversation with Peter, she said, “OK, I’ll TRY it”.

Peter immediately replied to her, “MY products work so if you’re in doubt and just want to TRY them, there are plenty of distributors that can get products to you, I can easily recommend some great contacts for you.
He could feel that she wasn’t confident the products would get her a result, especially as she’d already told him how many “other diets” she’d tried.

Peter was shocked, when an hour later, he saw that she’d gone straight to the bank and paid in cash for a Herbalife program. It was easy to see that all she really wanted was to feel confident. When Peter said he wouldn’t sell her the products, she could feel his confidence in the products.

The reason why Peter didn’t want to sell her the products was because her lack of confidence meant she probably wouldn’t get a result. Her lack of confidence would cause her to stop following the plan, putting her own spin on it or she would attract a friend or colleague to reinforce her doubts! Every time she met someone, and the subject “Herbalife” came up, she’d say “Oh yeah, I tried that Herbalife, it doesn’t work”. That can be enough to stop someone else having confidence in this solution!
No doubt, many of the things she’d “tried” would have been a great investment and got her the results she wanted but she didn’t believe in them. Perhaps her eating plan was too inconvenient or tiresome to organise week after week?

Life flows where our thoughts and beliefs go.

Herbalife nutrition is scientifically based to work for every “body”. The products are scientifically proven to give the body improved nutrition which in turn helps the body re-balance where needed; this allows for improved vitality, fat burning, reducing mood swings, etc. The programs contain products that are designed to work together.


It’s better to add a change to your lifestyle that’s more do-able than to launch into a big overhaul and end up disappointed. When we feel disappointed, we tend to carry the story forward. With each “attempt” that doesn’t reach our expected goal, we feel like a failure which is toxic on so many levels. There are hundreds of ways to eat and stay in shape, it’s simply a question of finding an easy plan that feels do-able for you; you feel confident about it.

In my ideal world, I’d love to have a chef that prepares all my food, buys everything organic from my local farmer and then delivers the meals to me when (and where) I want them. However, it’s not happening any day soon. So, for the last 25 years, Herbalife nutrition has given me a fabulous alternative; healthy, convenient, simple, gets me into my “favourite jeans” after a “challenging period” when I emotional eat for too long!

Herbalife are action-packed trail-blazers keeping abreast of consumer “wants” and “needs” and are intensely focused on bringing very effective and convenient products to the market place to help optimise our health and well-being (using their phenomenal experience and expertise over the last forty plus years).

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