How a lack of salt can blurr your vision

My vision has always been fantastic and something I took for granted. About six weeks ago my vision started getting blurred. I couldn’t figure out why; I consider myself healthy, I drink lots of water and take Herbalife shakes and supplements. I said my prayers and wouldn’t accept a possibility that I needed glasses!

I work with computer a lot and thought it was tension. I did my breathing exercises to help and my vision did get a little clearer but not enough to get my perfect vision back.

I didn’t say anything to my husband because I wanted to make the problem go away not give it more attention!

Through Herbalife I have learned about the power of nutrition and my intuition was suggesting it was something simple so I mentioned it to my husband. He asked me if I had headaches which I didn’t. He suggested that as I drank a lot of water it is possible that the water is rinsing out the salt and I needed to put it back.

I treated myself to some popcorn that night and put on more salt than I would normally use. The next day my vision (and the feeling of emptiness I could feel behind my eye sockets) improved drastically.

Sometimes we miss the most obvious

Salt is an essential mineral

Salt is essential to the health of humans and other animals. All through history the availability of salt has been pivotal to civilization.  I have observed that nearly all our troubles and problems come from something simple but for some reason we always seem to assume something bigger and more complicated is required to solve it.

Our daily regime changes

Keep in mind that we are physical, mental and emotional and nutrition will be used depending on what we are dealing with in life. We cannot stick to such rigid rules about how much of anything we must eat to stay “healthy” so the best indicator is that when something feels wrong, consider your nutrition first (and get some advice if necessary).

When feeling better is a mission,
FIRST… look to nutrition!


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