A fascinating movie with valuable information about sugar

I don’t believe in scare tactics. Life is complex and there are many factors effecting our health and wellbeing. One size does not fit all and going to extremes is not a balanced way to approach life because our mind, emotions, what we eat and our environment all have a unique impact on our health and wellbeing. This is not a movie about sugar as the “bad guy” it is a movie about how much we consume without realising it and the destructive effects that it can create – how just being aware enough to make some small changes can have a powerfully positive effect on your life in all areas.

I was shocked and realised how much Herbalife has provided a way for me to eat sensibly without having to worry about excess sugar intake. Perhaps you are like me and wish you had someone in your house who was obsessed with buying organic fruit and vegetables and willing to prepare and cook these meals EVERY DAY like the guy in the movie… but I don’t and neither do most people.

Take from “That Sugar Film” what you want but I highly recommend it. It is the best movie I have watched since I can remember!


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