Wellbeing doesn’t have to be all or nothing for shifts to happen.

Change your nutrition routine to feel a difference

Sometimes a short change in routine can have a huge impact!

We all know that “a change is as good as a rest sometimes”. That can apply to our nutrition too. Sometimes our system can be impacted by nutrients we don’t normally eat enough of.

We don’t consider nutrition because we haven”t EXPERIENCED the benefit …. but sometimes we just need a couple of weeks to realise how much better we can feel. We don’t have to become health fanatics and follow all the health rules, just to give our life a shift now and again. Aside from feeling better, you might realise that whatever this change is, you like it as a lifestyle; whether that be  introducing protein shakes and supplements or including a new exercise experience. Consider that it doesn’t take big changes in our lifestyle to feel big effects.

Vand er kroppens livskraft - læs mere


2 Week Boost:-

  1. Daily: replace one of your meals with our favourite Power Shake.
  2. Daily: take 2 x Herbalife multivitamin/mineraler tablet per day with meals
  3. Daily: start your morning with 4 capfuls of AloeVera drik in a medium-sized glass of water.
  4. Daily: drink 2-3 litres of plain water.

Bliv inspireret iconUnlike buying a new outfit or a new tv, we don’t often think about “NUTRITION” as giving us the same IMPACT!