Why I’ve changed my attitude to the money I spend on supplemental nutrition

Are there better ways to spend your hard-earned money?

Good nutrition keeps on giving in a great way

Food in general is not necessarily a long-term investment, quality nutrition is a long-term investment.

There’s a difference between eating to stay alive today and eating to stay alive and enjoy life. Nobody likes spending hard-earned money on things that we don’t see an instant result for. We all know what it’s like to throw all our cleaning products in the shopping basket whilst wishing we didn’t have to spend money on them. I used to have the same attitude to supplements and organic food. I couldn’t see the instant ‘fix’.

As I get older, it becomes more obvious that “how I feel in my body” matters more than anything. That health is not whether I can just function, but that I can thrive on all levels.

I’ve come to realise that most of what we buy is actually to try and compensate for how bad we feel both physically and emotionally.

Nutrition, like everything else, contains vibrations which effect our whole physiology. I don’t want to spend my life analysing if I’ve eaten enough of a certain nutrient or not, life’s too short! However, we’re all creatures of habit apart from when we’re eating out. We tend to stick to the same kind of meals.

Sometimes those meals can be deficient in a nutrient we’re not aware of. Over time, this can deplete our energy levels and lessen optimal function in the body. Experiences like mood swings can simply be because of a lack of a nutrient.

A funny story about not having money …

Do I invest in my body or temporary fixes?We had a family member once who was interested in Herbalife products. She explained that her health had been bad, she’d put on weight and tried many things to back in shape that “didn’t work”. Peter was talking to her for over an hour. She insisted, “I really don’t have the money for Herbalife”. So, Peter was giving her the best of his experience as a fitness instructor to help her achieve her goals working with her diet and some recommended fitness exercises.

As the conversation was coming to a close, Peter was beginning to feel really sorry for her. He was just about to say “I’ll send you a Best Seller program to help you”. In the last 20 years, I’ve never seen him offer to do this! She must have been making a really compelling argument for not being able to afford products. However, a second before he could say anything, she ended the conversation with, “Yeah, maybe I’ll get back to you in a couple of months when I’ve finished paying for the pony I just bought my daughter“.

This was a perfect demonstration of the truth that we have money but we spend it on “what we see will make us happier”. Early on in our business, it was always made clear to us that you should never give away products for free. I used to think that was unkind. It feels very harsh to hear when you’re a generous person. However, 25 years later, I get it! It’s a lesson that can be applied to anything really. You cannot get the value out of something that you didn’t invest in because it’s your energy that’s coming back to you. You have to be “invested” in life for it to give you a return of some sort.

The important question is, what’s the value of your investment?

Your investment is better health. Better health is, in practical terms, helping smooth over life’s problems which actually come from your body and mind, not from anything on the outside. What happens on the outside is simply the result of what’s happening internally.

  • We crave sugar because we feel bad;
  • We want to shop because we feel bad;
  • We have mood swings and throw emotional punches at others because we feel bad;
  • We spend hours on social media because we feel bad;

Feeding the body ‘higher vibrations’ is not the whole story, however what it does do is this. As you take action with shifts where you’re “intending to want to feel better about life”, anything else that you might need to support you, shows up in far more efficient and simpler ways.

Bliv inspireret iconUnlike buying a new outfit or a new tv, we don’t often think about “NUTRITION” as giving us the same IMPACT!

The investment in quality nutrition gives in ways we just can’t see. It’s easy to see our money’s worth when we buy makeup, get a hair cut, lose kilos but nutrition is working its magic behind the scenes.

What I didn’t think about

Sometimes I would look back over a period and think, “Well I’m feeling good, better than I was, why don’t I give Herbalife a rest?” I got a surprise answer. “Did you consider that you still feel good because you continue to invest in caring about yourself… and did you consider that you might have avoided heading for some problems that you had to suffer?” It reminded me of the old saying, why change something that’s working!

High quality nutritional products from Herbalife

Why Herbalife…

because of the quality and the integrity of caring about what’s in the products. Herbalife is second to none in expertise, experience and quality. Did you know that a substantial portion of Herbalife profits go back into buying land so they can grow ingredients so they can control “how the crops are handled”. That’s why the prices reflect this integrity.

When it comes to supplements, we need to trust what we’re buying

When it comes to nutrition, we need to know we can trust the integrity of what we are buying. Especially in times of crisis when smaller businesses (whilst not wishing to), feel forced to source suppliers that compromise the quality of the product.


3 Week Boost:-

  1. Daily: replace one of your meals with our favourite POWER SHAKE.
  2. Daily: take 2 x Herbalife multivitamin/mineraler tablet per day with meals
  3. Daily: drink 2-3 litres of plain water.