Zero-tolerance on self-criticism so you can feel much better

Start a zero-tolerance policy today on self-criticism. All pain comes from how we treat ourselves and it’s the small tweeks that left unnoticed that lead to ‘seemingly’ bigger problems.

Other people’s opinions …

The only reason any person on the outside puts you down, or tries to suggest you’re not free to do what you want, is because it’s going on inside of you. You are the ultimate power. That’s exciting. If you are the power then you are the one that can change it.

You are absolutely awesome. That’s the truth. No matter what you think you’ve done or not done, where you’ve been or not been, what you’ve achieved or not achieved… you’re still absolutely awesome.

Maybe you’re thinking … “You don’t understand. I messed up!”

Says who? Where’s the universal definition of “messing up” hanging out? Whatever you did at the time felt right didn’t it? You had an experience that maybe you didn’t want or expect… but you didn’t mess up. It will be helping you FEEL what matters to you. Your capacity to process information in your brain is literally mind-blowing.

The complexity and intricacy of your body and its parts is engineering beyond your wildest imagination. It’s capacity to bounce itself (and life) to expand, re-balance, heal, replenish, restore and re-build is way beyond where we rarely even consider.

You are truly a universe of incredible power.

Herbalife unique no more self criticism

I don’t feel that valuable, I haven’t found my place.

You were given unique finger prints. If anyone could do what you can do in the way you can do it, you would never have been created, you would be irrelevant, there would be no point. Stop comparing yourself to others, you will never measure up because you are in a league all of your own.

You don’t make mistakes. You don’t fail, ever. You’re totally significant and your phenomenal brain and body were created with such phenomenal potential so you could enjoy the experiences of being here and using them… with bags of room to experience “messing up trying life out”.

Your PLACE is inside you; listening to your feelings about what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. You’re already feeling good reading this so you know how to read your feelings. I’m giving you space to be awesome, to be perfect, to be unique. Keep that going because it makes you happy… these happy moments are the stepping stones to unfolding more each day.

Make being kind to yourself a priority. Adopt a zero-tolerance from yourself and anyone else at the suggestion that anything you do is not OK. It might even look like an error because you change your mind but the process was the way you got there and any other way just wouldn’t have worked.

Stop all the self-criticism, it is bringing life down.

Is how you feel about your body bringing you down?

One of the most powerful ways to understand the value of feeling healthy is to feel:-

  • what it’s like to have to go buy clothes much bigger than you’re used to,
  • to decline invitations or attend events because of how you feel about your body;
  • to feel tired and feel you’re dragging yourself through your day,
  • to experience regular mood swings (going downwards, not up!).

We learn by experiencing and you have a unique way to find your answers. Maybe you feel tired or disillusioned that you’ve tried so many other ways to lose weight or improve your wellbeing but you’re not there yet. No, but if you hadn’t been smart enough to read the signs that you want to feel better, you wouldn’t have taken action.

There’s a breakthrough for everyone!

I only know the real value of Herbalife nutrition because I spent my twenties as a choc-oholic which caused deep depression and had me exploring all kinds of therapies; it was a real physical experience getting colon cleanses that enabled me to see the direct relationship with my life on the outside and what was going on in the side.

It was the first time I understood how nutrition can be a great way into a better life.


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