Have you also previously tried one of those so-called diets that bring out the worst in you?

The word “diet” has been misused. If looking and feeling great is your intention, then “nutrition” is the best way forward!

There are some truly miserable suggestions out there on how to get in shape and feel great. Perhaps you’ve tried one (or a whole load of them) that’s left you scarred when it comes to the word “diet”.

Think nutrition, not diet for a healthy, lean, vital body

Think “Nutrition” not “diet”

The word diet actually means “the kind of foods you habitually eat”. So, actually everything you eat comes under the umbrella of ‘diet’. No matter what you eat, you have a daily diet!

Maybe, though, when you hear the word “diet”, what comes to mind is the words “deprived, miserable and complicated”? That’s because:

  1. the daily diet you ate didn’t contain sufficient quality nutrition for what your body needs: and
  2. it’s not easy, convenient or enjoyable enough to be a sustainable lifestyle.

The word nutrition means “substances that nourish your body”. Nutrition is what the body needs enough of in order to effectively find its way to balance and harmony. Nutrition is a science, “diet” is a daily habit.

We were first introduced to Herbalife in 1994 and was impressed enough to want to sell and share the products with others. The fact that we still eat the products daily proves that it is a successful lifestyle solution.

Yes, sometimes, life throws us curve balls and we neglect our daily nutrition… but the great thing is that feeling how bad we feel and how our clothes don’t fit, is the evidence of how effective and valuable Herbalife nutrition is!

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Think “Nutrition”, not “diet”

as the key to helping you retain a lean, vitalised body.

With Herbalife’s nutritional lifestyle plan:-

  • You don’t feel deprived;
  • You don’t have to feel hungry;
  • Your three meals can taste great;
  • You don’t have to “give up” your favourite food, however you can “replace” your favourite foods with something equally satisfying!
  • You don’t have to take up exercise you don’t want to,  (find ways to be more active as you go about your regular day, i.e. run up the stairs instead of walking or take another couple of walks up and down!).
  • You won’t be deprived of quality time because of more shopping or preparing new meals. In fact Herbalife’s programmes make it quicker and easier than ever to prepare your meals!

Herbalife Nutrition: Nourishing – Simple – Tasty – Easy – Convenient

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