Everything we want to own is so we can "feel good".

What is it you really, really want?

If you stop for a moment and think about everything on your wish list you will discover it’s actually a feeling you want to experience! You want to feel good.

Let’s test it out. Imagine a gorgeous Lamborghini on the driveway. If you think about it, it’s just a chunk of metal. It’s only value is how the roar of the engine makes you feel or how much better you feel about yourself if you think everyone’s looking at you!

Even people who have accrued great wealth, still don’t feel satisfied. Joy is not in the ownership of something, it’s being able to feel something inside the body.

Did you know … that we can feel downright miserable and feel that life is colourless and meaningless simply because we’re depleted in certain nutrients.

How you feel about life will become a mirror of how your life feels in your body. Ask any athlete how life looks, feels and performs when they are dehydrated and how that can turn on its head when they become properly hydrated again!

Get all your nutrients to feel better

Sometimes we just need a bit of a top up!

I remember the time I first fell in love with running.  I noticed that I was starting to feel lethargic and my runs were a real struggle. I felt like I was carrying an extra ten kilos with every step.

One day, I gave up half way. When I got home, I complained to my husband that I’d given up because of “the heat and I was tired“. He immediately pulled out a Herbalife Lift Off, plopped it in water and said “drink this”.

I reluctantly drank it (whilst thinking “I’ll show you, it won’t make any difference because it’s the heat and I’m tired”). He ushered me to the door and said, “Now finish your run, we’ll see if it’s the heat and tiredness!” 

As soon as I started running I felt lighter, fresher and my lungs felt like they weren’t dragging my body. Now I know the feeling and I can fix it if it happens again!

Keep in mind that you often don’t know how bad you feel until you feel better.

I had to eat humble pie but I was so shocked at how much of life we live feeling bad because we really don’t know about simple things that can cause a big change.

I’ve increased health supplements and the variety in my nutrition because I understand how valuable it is. 

Everything in life is a feeling. When you “feel good”, ultimately your life feels”better”. Not only that but most of the things on our wishlist are only really there because we think we need them when all we’re really seeking is to feel good! Don’t believe me? Think about how many things you’ve thrown money at to make you feel better. Gym memberships, clothes still hanging in the wardrobe with labels still on, self-development workshops and books you never read, clubs you signed up for, hobbies you thought you’d keep ?) 🙂


Just give yourself 3 weeks on a “NUTRITION TOP UP” and see how you feel. If you did these 4 things, I bet you would be absolutely amazed by how you feel:-

  1.  Our special PowerShake per day;
  2. Drink 2-3 litres of plain water;
  3. Eat a BIG varied salad with a quality olive oil/lemon juice in the dressing (with a portion of  meat or fish);
  4. Cut out sugar.