Happiness is found by following your heart, not eating food

Lack of will power is just a phrase we jump on because it is easy but in truth we all have extraordinary amounts of will power. Most problems don’t resolve themselves because we are looking in the wrong place. More and more crazy, dangerous “miracle” solutions are finding their way into the marketplace because people won’t look at the real problem.

Food is becoming an epidemic as a quick fix for unhappiness… unfortunately it never takes away the unhappiness, it only makes life a great deal worse. Not only does poor eating habits lead to more overweight but can cause all kinds of mood swings and energy dips; then our outlook gets darker and we feel more disillusioned and hopeless!

I have no will power - slankekur motivation

How can Herbalife help with will power?

Herbalife test -The plan to stick to two shakes per day and a healthy balanced meal helps you to regain that wonderful ideal body shape you ache for…. AND helps you see clearly whether you are using food as a fix for an unfulfilled life. Every time you reach for an alternative meal or want to snack…

… ask yourself why. The truth will probably be because you are bored or need a “happiness fix”.

All unfulfilment stems from not following your heart, your dreams and what truly makes you happy.

We don’t spend time thinking about our passions and what we are good at. We don’t make it a priority in our career and lifestyle.

Food is for your body

Your body is a machine in which you live and how the body feels then mirrors the feeling into your life. That is what “fit”ness means. When we feel fit we don’t feel like we are “dragging” our body around. It is the feeling of our spirit actually fitting our body which creates harmony, lightness, energy and a bright outlook. That is why people engage in what looks like “crazy” exercise routines… they do it because the PAY OFF is worth it! Humans never do anything unless there is something in it for them!

Happiness? Your body is your best friend!

If you are struggling to control your eating don’t continue to punish your body, find out why life is so lacking in passion and fulfilment… eating poorly will only make your outlook 10 times worse and cause a downward spiral!

How do I find my true happiness and fulfilment?

  • Do I love my job, does it contain things I am passionate about?
  • Do I take time to do the things I love?
  • Am I seeing the positive in what is happening or only focusing on what’s wrong?
  • Do I remember to pray for what I want help with? Why not (listen to the answer)?

In the meantime, while you are uncovering where you are truly dissatisfied with your life, DON’T PUNISH YOUR BODY, make good choices for your best friend who is committed to taking care of you (good nutrition and water).

With Herbalife, giving your body everything it needs doesn’t get any easier. Herbalife’s protein shakes, snacks and supplements provide your body with a very successful, easy, convenient and tasty lifestyle solution.

Discover more about who you really are. What are you interested in, what are you good at, what are you passionate about. It is never too late.

“Is it really a lack of will power, or are you just trying to do something you feel pressured by other people to do?”


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